Posted by: JT | October 27, 2010

Alcohol Risk Advertisement

This is a project created by a year 8 student to advertise the risks of alcohol use. Feel free to leave feedback for Josh (yr 8PDH).



  1. That’s great – I love it!

  2. Josh, this is a great role play that you have created. I was shocked to hear that the ‘man’ was only 16 – he looked so much older! I certainly hope that you and your friends all feel the same way about alcohol as the smart lady in your clip! Well done!

  3. Xtranormal is so cool! Your message about the hidden dangers of a socially accepted drug was well made. I look forward to your next production. PS – you can give them Aussie accents too 🙂 Well done.

  4. brilliant way to get a message across. Just using this technology meant I wanted to watch it – even if it is a message I have heard before. Well done for creating something to help others.

  5. Great work, love vomit man and the reality!

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