Posted by: JT | August 25, 2010

Avoid Social Networking Faux Pas

Safety on social networking sites is paramount for any ages but especially young teenagers as they can get carried away in some situations. The main things to watch for are the people you add, pictures you put up of yourself and the amount of information you allow the public to see.

Firstly and probably the most important is the people you add on your facebook. Its simple; do not add anyone you have never met face to face. This is important because if you add someone you have never met they could be easily faking their identity and potentially asking you to meet them. If you went to meet them it could result in a very bad situation as you dont actually know who you are meeting. If you are planning to meet someone for the first time who you met over facebook always remember to meet in a public place and tell someone you trust who and where you are meeting.

Secondly the photos people put up of themselves is very important. Especially for young girls whose photos can attract the wrong attention. Some girls forget this rule and they also forget the first one. The two of these mixed together can end up really badly. So remember never put revealing photos up of yourself or any photos that you think could attract the wrong people.

Finally and also extremely important is to limit the amount of information you reveal about yourself on Facebook. Never reveal regular routines, dont put any addresses and never put any personal numbers up. All these pieces of information can allow strangers to know alot more about you than you would want. Dangerous criminals could have enough information about you to potentially stalk you or do other harmful things.

Therefore remember the three rules: Don’t add people you have never met face to face, don’t put inappropriate photos of yourself up on facebook and never reveal personal information. Don’t be too worried about Facebook because if you follow theses steps it will always be safe.

Isabelle (Yr 8 )


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