Posted by: JT | June 23, 2010


Anxiety. You may not think that this sounds like something to make a big fuss about but it is, and it affects over 20% of the world’s population every year. Well, if this is something pretty serious, what is it? Anxiety is a medical condition that affects a person’s ability to function day-day, week-week. It can result with major, unrealistic phobias, social problems and panic attacks in unlikely circumstances. Any one person suffering from this kind of condition can be in a lot of trouble without even knowing what’s hit them.

So, what does anxiety look like. A person suffering from anxiety will often feel distressed for long periods of time and, for no apparent reason. They might often have excessive and unrealistic worries frequently, suffer from intense and irrational phobias, get worried easily and and often have compulsions and obsessions which they can’t seem to control. These, disorders can result in difficulty whilst breathing, muscle tension frequently, sweating or choking as well as feeling faint or shaky.

Well, now you know what it looks like, you probably want to know how it can be prevented. Anxiety unfortunately isn’t really something that can be prevented easily. It is something received maybe from a stressful life or maybe something as simple as your personality. However, anxiety is something that can be treated with the help of a psychiatrist, counsellors or even just changing your life around by living a healthy life free from stress and hardships. You would be amazed by how doing this can reduce your chances of developing anxiety. A healthy lifestyle includes eating the right stuff, having an environment free from stress as well as having good relationships with friends and family.

Well, that’s good to know but what if I, or someone I know is already suffering from this medical condition. How’s life going to fare for them? Well according to statistics anxiety as well as any other medical condition, is not always life threatening. Not always life threatening meaning that 15% of the world’s population will eventually commit suicide as a result of their condition. However, ongoing treatment will reduce these odds.

So, Anxiety, not something that you would want to be suffering from any time soon, however, as you have hopefully seen, there are many people that do suffer from this condition and so you probably should know how to treat them without making anything worse. Well, since anxiety is received from a person having a stressful environment too much the obvious, and most effective method, is to try and make their life as stress-free as possible. Try and make them always feel loved and important as well as always being included in everything.

In summary, anxiety isn’t just a feeling or emotion that people feel everyday but is also a medical condition and can be a very serious thing to have. The main thing is to always be nice and encouraging to people suffering anxiety and maybe you can help make a difference in somebody’s life now.

Mario (8PDHPE)


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